Why GeeTrike?

We are creating a vehicle for fun and a comfortable ride, with good power reserve and a luggage compartment. Our development has shown us that we achieve our goals !

We realized that other people see the use of GeeTrike in their professional activities and just for a fast and comfortable ride around the city. We are pleased to understand that we can be useful to other people. Contact us with your suggestions and ideas about your needs (link to comments below).

We did GeeTrike and continue to work on improvements. Our team wants to make it available for you!


WHAT IS GeeTrike Today?


Technical parameters

Its technical parameters are competitive: 80km mileage, 55km/h speed, recuperation braking, adjustable clearance, foldable design, modern long-life batteries for 5 years work - this is what we have today.

We also provide any options (upgrade) on a request.


Our team

Our team consists of like-minded people with professional knowledge that provide a great experience and work with challenge projects.

We believe in our dream and now it has become a reality! Our team is open to new members, who can be completely interested in this idea. If you have a burning idea of creating such a transporting means as GeeTrike email us, what would you like to do in our team and we will answer you! team@geetrike.com

If you see the use of GeeTrike in other professional fields, we find this very interesting. Share with us your vision and we will be able to provide those design changes and additional equipment, which will be important for you!